Salem Grace Nazarene


1900 N. Broadway

Salem, IL.  62881

    Our Mission

    To bring hope through Jesus Christ by Reaching, Growing, and Serving the people of our community.

    At Grace Church of the Nazarene we desire to be a church that is continually delivering a message of hope through the lives we live. We want every person to see God living in us and through us making a difference in how we go about everyday life. We are convinced that Jesus Christ makes a difference in how we see life, live life, and how we interact with others around us. He is our hope that reminds us that there is so much more to this life we live. We want every person to discover not only their purpose, but the power available to them to live the way God intended them to live.

    We accomplish this through 3 avenues:


    Are there people in our community who need hope? We believe Jesus Christ can bring that hope. We want to be a church that opens the doors and welcomes all people. We hope to be a place where people can come and be comfortable whether they grew up around church, or whether it is their first time investigating the place. We are committed to see God bring hope to those who need Him realizing that this is most effective through personal relationships. We hope to be a church that is not exclusive, but inclusive to welcome people of all types and ages, inviting them to experience God, giving Him the opportunity to communicate His love and grace to them.


    Can God change people? We believe He can! We encourage people to come in and be themselves and allow God to begin the process of growing them. We understand that there are times when people are changed overnight, but more often the Spirit of God works to form and mold us across the long haul of life. Our desire is to see people at all different places of their journey taking strides forward in their spiritual walk with Christ. We are all in need of God developing us and changing us to be more like Him.



    How can we deliver the hope of Jesus Christ? We believe that God wants to use us to make a difference in the community and world that we live in. God lives in us and uses us a transport system to deliver His hope in our homes, at our workplaces, and in our neighborhoods. We look most like Jesus when we are opening our eyes and finding ways to move beyond our own interests, to serve and love those that God has placed in our lives. We see our goal to take our time, talents, gifts, and resources and give to those God in allowing him to use those to bring honor to Him. In serving we are reminded that what is ours is available for God to share with those that need it most. We pray that in our human efforts God’s hope may shine through us that others may see Him.

    our staff:

    Trent Ice

    Lead Pastor

    Cheryl Ice

    Children's Pastor

    Mark Copley

    Associate Pastor

    Doug Romine

    Care Pastor

    Kathy Klucker

    Office Administrator

    Tina Willman


    Kyle Gansauer


    Lee Kern


    Karen Short


    Michelle Ceglinski


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